The special function ” rollover ” for Binary Options

The special function ” rollover ” for Binary Options

binary-monitor3Broker for Binary Options expand their trade offer for traders continuously. In addition to a variety of new trade types are mainly make special functions the trading more flexible. Adapted from the forex trading the “rollover” offers possibilities losing positions into money and thus transform into a winning position best binary options brokers for australians on

What exactly is “rollover”?
fragezeichenMit “rollover” You can extend the duration of a binary option. The special function can therefore limit potential losses. If so, a call position be received which is out of the money shortly before the end, you can extend the life of the option at a reasonable rate. Even if your use of capital per trade thereby increases you buy extra safety and actively minimize your risk.

Framework for “rollover”
Rollover can only be offered to active positions. If the duration is passed the binary option, you can no longer apply rollover.
Also you can use the special functions only for trades use are out of the money.
Rollover can be applied only once
The extension of your trades is associated with the use of capital. Depending on the broker amounts between 20% and 30% of the capital expenditure of the trades can on you want to apply the special function are due.
Rollover can usually only be applied 10 to 15 minutes before the expiry of the option.
To which time interval your trade is extended depends on the conditions of the broker.

Note, however, that increased by rollover of capital investment of your trades. Should not move with the lifetime extension through the rollover your position into your money is lost invested capital plus the rollover fee. Apply so the function only with appropriate experience is 24option scam?. Just because a position out of the money it is not having to rescue these automatically with a term extension. In highly volatile markets or when markets turn by corresponding changes in trends rollover should be applied.

Explains rollover example

UpAngenommen you acquired at 12:00 a call position on the gold price with a term until 16:00 and an initial investment of € 100. 30 minutes before the expiry of this option is out of the money. Due to a technical chart analysis you are, however, certain that the trend is still positive and the option will rise in the short term. Here you can apply rollover. At 100 € capital investment to the original Trade, the application of the function will cost a fee of 30 €. Here capital expenditure thus increased from € 100 to 130 €. In order to extend their maturity to e.g. another hour.

Were you right with your decision, you can save your position at an average yield of 85% and an initial investment of 130 € and will receive € 240.50 ((100 € + 30 €) * 1.85) back. Would not you have applied the special feature, you would have lost the Trade and your bet € 100 would be gone.

Which brokers offer “rollover” as a special feature

The rollover function is now supported by all major trading platforms. Both Trade Financials and Spot option and Tradologic offer the function. Whether the broker would have the function in his portfolio he decides brokers that are currently on offer rollover.:

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Rollover for Binary Options: Our conclusion
Rollover is a very welcome special function which allows to actively manage risks. However, review on Banc de Binary one should not use blind to any position rollover. One must not forget that the use of capital increases with the function. For the purposes of rollover – also called Extend – it requires some experience.